What is the truth of the news attributed to (Taif Sami) regarding the discussion of restoring the dollar exchange rate in the 2022 budget?

A page named (Taif Sami Al-Saadi) published a post: "The 2022 budget included a discussion of restoring the dollar's price to the previous one, addressing the effects of poverty, appointing graduates, and stabilizing contracts."


The truth:

The page that published the fake news was created on March 30, 2022, impersonating the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance (Taif Sami Al-Saidi) and not Al-Saadi, who had previously denied, in a statement carried by local media, that it ever owns any page on social media.

Noting that "what is rumored about the statements on some sites and pages have nothing to do with them, either from afar or from close."

Emphasizing that "these statements published on some pages are false and misleading, and they aim to confuse public opinion," calling for "not to believe everything that is said and published on those "fake and tendentious" pages, according to its description.

As for the attached news, attributed to (Sami Sami), it is fake. There is no source to prove its authenticity, as the media office of the Central Bank of Iraq previously indicated in a statement on February 20, 2022, that “the dollar exchange rate is stable and there are no intentions to change it, especially after the results.” The positivity that he has achieved over the past period.

It is mentioned that we have previously clarified the truth of a similar post on February 20, 2022, where a page called (Decisions of the High Spectrum) circulated news that the exchange rate of the dollar fell and its return to the previous exchange rate upon verification it was found to be fake and that the page that published it is also fake.

What do you know about Taif Sami?

Taif Sami Muhammad Al-Saidi was born in 1963. She held the position of Director-General of the Budget Department in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, then held the position of Undersecretary of the Ministry. She worked for nearly 36 years. She started as a budget analyst in 1985 and made her way to the position of Deputy Director-General of Budget Management in 2005. Then she took the position of Director General of Budget Management and was awarded the Woman of Courage Award by the US Department of State on March 8, 2022. The US State Department said about her, "Sami played a key role in Preventing and deterring financial budget corruption in Iraq.