About Us

We are Tech4Peace. We are working on peace with a focus on digital rights, digital security, and the fight against dis- and misinformation. We started our journey by combating dis- and misinformation in Iraq, which resulted in a fact-checking platform with a high reach in the MENA region and beyond.

Our experience working on our mission in the unstable, and sometimes unsafe, context of a post-conflict country has made us innovative, hands-on, and solution oriented. We developed our own fact-checking app, an online learning platform, and launched a helpline to improve the digital security of activists, journalists, women, and many others.

We are a grassroots and trusted organization with a high number of engaged volunteers who are highly motivated to contribute to peace in their society. We like to share our knowledge and expertise, so we provide training on topics such as digital rights, digital security, social media peacebuilding, leadership, and fact-checking.

We are saving lives, increasing social cohesion, improving digital security, enhancing access to reliable information, and raising awareness of digital rights, digital security, and mis- and disinformation. We focus our services on unstable regions, mostly in the Middle East and North-Africa. However, we believe that our knowledge and expertise are also relevant for many other contexts.

Tech4Peace is a registered Not-for-profit Corporation in Iraq under the name "Technology Organization for Peace" and is also registered as a for-profit company in the Netherlands under the name "Tech4Peace".


Our Vision:

Achieve peace and stability by working on a free and safe space across the Middle East, primarily in Iraq.


Our Mission:

Building awareness through capacity building, campaigns, advocacy, research, fact-checking, technical innovation, empowering people's safety, promoting human rights, and increasing collective efforts with the aim of making everyone Tech4Peace.


Our Slogan:

Our slogan is โ€œIt ends with us,โ€ โ€“ referring to lies, violence, sectarianism, civil war, instability, corruption, hate, blackmailing, personal attacks, etc., as all these issues are sparked by rumors and the spread of lies โ€“ and our key objective is exposing lies.


Our Core Values:

Nonpartisan, Peace, Awareness, Truth, Tolerance.


Our Values:

Transparency, Technology, Trust, Security.