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If possible, let us know where you first heard or saw the claim. And if you are asking about a suspicious viral email or story circulating on social media platforms, forward a complete copy to us. Also, please include the link of the claim and if it is possible beside the link, provide us with a screenshot, the link will help us to find the claim easily and to reduce the searching time.

If you are contacting us through our social media platforms, so please write your full question providing us with all the links of the claim and even if you have the source as well to check it at once. Due to the great number of questions and inquires we receive every day, it will be very helpful to avoid writing only (Hi, hello, can I ask questions, can you help me) without writing your full request. Because until we answer, “Yes please how can we help” and then going through all other messages and going back to you will take time.

If your question is about the coronavirus pandemic, please put “COVID-19” in the subject line of your email.

Helpful hint: We may already have answered your question. You can find out quickly by searching for your question on our website or within our app.

Note, that we don’t do a fact check on personal matters such as (Hello can you do a fact check on my partner that I want to marry soon. Or hello can you find me the account of this singer or actress, etc...)

We do fact check according to the categories listed on our website.


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