Our Structure

The structure of the Tech4Peace organization consists of a hierarchical form under the supervision of the constituent body is the Board of Directors, and under its supervision is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors who supervise the committees and departments as follows:

1. The Administrative and Financial Committee: It is concerned with managing and organizing all administrative matters from incoming, outgoing, and archiving, in addition to managing the collection of financial issues and their related matters such as supervising expenditures and revenues, preparing budgets, and controlling the transactions of funds according to particular records for all financial transactions, as well as organizing administrative affairs from incoming and outgoing, documenting activities and receiving membership requests, printing...etc.

2. Investigation Committee: It is concerned with checking and verifying the online content that is published on social media platforms and media websites, and its work is based on the principle of confidentiality on social media platforms.

3. The Media and Public Relations Committee: It is concerned with communicating with the visual, audio, and print media to cover the activities and projects implemented by the organization, as well as issuing informational and awareness media publications, in addition to networking with other organizations and institutions and governmental and community figures to introduce the organization and its work.

4. Information Technology Department: It is concerned with managing all technical matters of the organization from design, technical processing, and managing websites and the pages in all social media platforms of the organization.

5. Training and Capacity Building Committee: It is concerned with providing the necessary training to develop the organization's staff, in addition to conducting training and building capacity for institutions and people in the community to achieve the organization's goals.

6. Programs and Grants Committee: It is concerned with managing grants and communicating with donors regarding agreements, writing and submitting projects, and managing projects and programs that are implemented within the organization's objectives.

7. Translation Committee: It is concerned with providing translation services within the boundaries of the organization, i.e., translating news and publications published on the organization's websites and pages, in addition to translating reports, documents, policies, and projects of the organization.