Our Team

Tech4Peace team consists of 265 members, and their geographical distribution inside and outside Iraq has directly contributed to carrying out many tasks. They do not work in a similar way of searching method for an ongoing investigation or a specific piece of news. Tech4Peace has recruited many members according to a specific specialization or the person’s position and his ability to access accurate information or well-known person with his relations to benefit from it by obtaining more information.



Aws Al-Saadi - Social Media Expert





Aws Al-Saadi

Aws Al-Saadi is the founder and president of Tech4Peace. Aws has a background in computer engineering. Besides this, he followed a summer school in human rights and media at Utrecht University. Furthermore, he received a professional diploma in public policy and leadership.

After his studies at the university, Aws worked in the IT sector and in management. He volunteered in several groups and organizations as a coordinator and in organization development and management. 

Aws works in Tech4Paece as a project manager and in the development of the organization. Besides this, he is responsible for contact with partners, and he is a trainer in different subjects like fact-checking, digital security, and social media. He regularly writes blogs and articles for different newspapers.