Since the first working day of the Tech4Peace team, we have committed to providing the sources of the investigations that we are working on, which were published on our page with the posts so that our audience themselves can check the source and review the investigations that we worked on to ensure the credibility of the investigations that supported by the sources, and due to the low public reach, we started to put the links of sources for investigations as well as links of the accounts and pages that spread false allegations in the comments for the same post.

Therefore, the team Tech4Peace has been providing the sources for the investigation since the first day of launching.

In the Tech4Peace team, we always try to reach the primary sources of any claim, for example, if there is a photo published and that is related to events in a certain area, in this case, we try to reach the date and geographical location of the original photo and the photographer as well to clarify whether this photo belongs to the alleged events. Or attempting to reach the photo if it was published on an older date than the date of the claim on the Internet, in this case, the allegation is denied based on the date of its first publication.

The same applies to posted videos.

But if the allegation states, for example, a photo of an artist or a public figure that he has passed away, or if it is announcing a public holiday on an occasion in the country or at the governorate level, then, in this case, we try to reach the sources that deny the claim, for example, the death of the artist, whether through a family member or the artist himself if he uses social media platforms or by direct contact and recording the call to use it as a source or by the concerned syndicate denying the claim, And this way, it will be a secondary source. 

And in case of announcing public holiday, the concerned department or authority would be contacted to clarify the claim.

After the last update of the Tech4Peace website on February 26, 2021. We have worked on developing and adding more smooth features, including providing a source links section under the article, in addition to the fake news claimers links also under the article,

Therefore, after the date of the update, we started adding the article link of our website to the investigations we post on our social media platforms, and by clicking on the investigation link and open it on our website, all the sources can be found.