What is the truth about the photo circulating that it belongs to Israeli displacement camps?

A photo circulated on social media platforms as showing camps for displaced Israelis.

The truth:

The attached photo is fake and unreal, as it was generated by AI. It can be noted that there are several errors in the photo, including:

  1. The Israeli flag appears with two stars, not one star. The shape of the two stars is inaccurate and appears as if they are another symbol.
  2. The tents on the right side appear stacked on top of each other.
  3. The people in the photo wear thick winter clothes, while the winter season has not yet arrived in Palestine.
  4. Some people were drawn standing on the tent.

That is, the photo is fabricated and unrealistic, as has been claimed.

The circulation of this post comes after the displacement of many Israelis from the Lebanon border areas and the Gaza envelope since the start of Operation “Taufan Al-Aqsa battle” on October 7, 2023, where the Israeli army spokesman (Jonathan Conricus) said:

“The majority of these people left on their own initiative.”


“The displaced people found refuge with relatives in the country's center, which are safer areas.”