What is the truth about the video clip circulating as belong to an attack by Asayish forces on a tourist car coming from Baghdad to Erbil?

Many pages on social media platforms circulated a video clip with the following text: "Peshmerga militias rob and beat tourists from Baghdad from al-Sadr City in Erbil".

The clarification:

1- NRT TV channel interviewed the family of the two people who were traveling in the white car, whose tires were shot, as shown in the circulating video clip.

In the interview, a family member mentioned some details, the most important of which defeating the false allegations circulated by some pages attached to the video clip: 

The two people (the man and the woman) in the white car are siblings (brother and sister), and they are from Pirdê town, located on the Kirkuk-Erbil road, and not from al-Sadr City, as claimed in the circulating post. She added that the cause of the accident was due to a family dispute between her brother and his ex-wife,

2- According to a statement by a source in the Asayish to NRT, that the incident happened about a week ago, and the reason for the person's escape and not stopping at the security checkpoint was due to a lawsuit filed against him by his ex-wife and he was wanted by the security forces.

Adding, "He was asked to stop and get off when he passed the checkpoint of Pirdê (Altun Kupri), but he did not comply with the request and bypassed the checkpoint and did not stop. The security forces were informed, and upon his arrival inside Erbil, he was shot, and the car was stopped and he was arrested".

3- Hemin Qadir, deputy governor of Erbil, confirmed, on Wednesday, that the video showing an armed quarrel and shooting in one of the streets in Erbil has nothing to do with tourists coming to the Kurdistan Region, stating that the incident occurred before Eid al-Adha when a security force pursued one of the wanted men.