What is the truth of the video that shows clashes in Sderot?

A video was circulated on social media captioned: "Violent clashes between Palestinian militants and occupying forces in the Sderot settlement in Tufan al-Aqsa Operation"

The Truth

The attached allegation is misleading, as the attached video is old and shows clashes in northern Mexico in 2017 between security and elements of criminal groups.

This claim comes after the beginning of (Tufan al-Aqsa Fight) which was started this morning, Oct. 7, 2023, where armed Palestinians entered many settlement. (Mohammed Deif), the supreme military commander of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam announced the beginning of military round with Israel to revenge to what he described as "Israeli crimes against the holies"

and replying on the continuing breaking-in operations in west-bank cities, and due to the continued blockade on Gazan. The operation started by launching more than 5 thousand rockets and missiles.

The resisters sneaked into the settlements through the land border wall, plus paratroopers from "al-Saqr" regiment which belongs to al-Qassam Brigades.

Israel announced 40 kills in these operations, and the killing of at least 198 Palestinians in Gazan with air strikes.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu announced that "We are at war, In parallel, I am initiating an extensive mobilization of the reserves to fight back on a scale and intensity that the enemy has so far not experienced. The enemy will pay an unprecedented price"