Does the video of foreign soldiers in Gaza?

A video clip circulated on social media platforms captioned: “One of the American soldiers had a camera on his head during the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. They were confronted and infiltrated by the Mujahideen, who were wearing the same military uniform, and were terminated.”

The truth:

The attached claim is incorrect, as the video is not from Gaza but rather from Ukraine. It was previously shared on Ukrainian websites on November 8, 2023, indicating that it involves Ukrainian soldiers firing at a detachment of foreign soldiers within their ranks after they attempted to prevent them from leaving the battlefield.

Upon closer examination of the mentioned words by one of the foreign soldiers, the translation reveals:

"Are you okay? Any casualties? Return to your positions."

When one of them tried to stop their withdrawal by firing shots into the air, he received a gunshot wound, falling to the ground as a result.