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Mistakes sometimes happen due to high pressure. Tech4Peace corrects errors as quickly as possible and with appropriate transparency. If you have any complaints because you think we’ve made a mistake or omitted something, or if there’s something you think we could change to make an article clearer, please let us know. Our senior editorial line member will take a look and may re-open it if we think it necessary. We will also take into account any further response or complaint.

It is very helpful if you are clear about what article you are commenting on and exactly what your concern is. If you are pointing out other data or research, we would be very grateful for a clear link or reference.

Please contact us via [email protected] or our accounts on social media platforms with any feedback, corrections, or complaints. 


Major errors of fact – A serious error that results in new information or otherwise changes the general outlook of the fact-check will be removed from our platforms and we will publish an apology for the previous mistake accompanied by the new fact-check using our apology template

The text of the fact-check is updated with the new information. Corrected fact-checks will be added on our "Corrections Policy" section on the website

Errors of fact – Errors of fact that do not impact the original information or do not change the general outlook of the fact-check receives a mark of correction at the bottom of the fact-check with a word update or edit and adding the time and date of the edit.

The text of the fact-check is updated with the new information. The correction states the correct information that has been added to the report.

Typos, grammatical errors, misspellings – We correct typos, grammatical errors, misspellings, transpositions, and other small errors without a mark of correction or tag and as soon as they are brought to our attention by our team or our audience.

Updates – From time to time, we add additional information to stories and fact-checks after they’ve been published, not as a correction but as a service to readers. Examples include a response from the speaker we received after publication (that did not change the conclusion of the report), or breaking news after publication that is relevant to the check. Updates can be made parenthetically within the text with a date, or at the end of the article.

We notify our group of volunteers about the mistake they have done to avoid it next time and pay extra attention. Interestingly, our margin of error is less than 1%.

Tech4Peace works with complete transparency and encourages the correction and apology to the public for any mistake that may occur, and it may be an oversight because of pressures or mixing up due to a large number of claims and sources. Therefore, at the end of each year, when we publish the statistics, we put the number of the errors in the statistics, and not only that, rather we put the links to errors or/and modifications and updates that we have made on this page, and these are all errors since the beginning of the establishment of the Tech4Peace team:


On August 13, 2023, we posted the following news " Alexander Uloom did not post such a tweet via his X account", as we didn't find this tweet on X platform. Then we found that the tweet was posted and then deleted by Alexander Uloom, So we deleted our article on August 13, 2023, and apologized to our followers.


On May 28, we updated an article by changing the classification from (fake news) to (clarification), as we completely denied the following news: "According to the directives of the Council of Ministers, the Finance Committee decides to deduct an amount of one thousand dinars for each employee and retiree who receives a salary of one million dinars to fill the deficit in the budget."

After re-examination and verification, it became clear that the news was inaccurate and not completely fake. The truth is that work will be done to deduct an amount of one thousand IQD for every million IQD, but its purpose will be to benefit the institutions of prisoners and martyrs and not to bridge the deficit in the state budget.

Edit time 9:05 PM, Edit date 06/04/2023.


On May 18, 2023, we updated an article by removing the following paragraph:
The claim attached to the video is fake, and the video belongs to Saudi Arabia welcoming the Chargé d’Affaires of the Iranian Embassy in (Sudan) Hassan Zarnarkar on April 30, 2023, after the latter arrived in Saudi Arabia to welcome Iranian citizens who were evacuated from Sudan after the tense security situation there, meaning that the Iranian diplomat appearing in the video is the charge d'affairs of the Iranian embassy in Sudan, and not Iran's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, as was claimed.

and replacing it with the following paragraph:

The claim is not accurate, also (Orient TV) channel on YouTube posted it with an inaccurate title. The video shows receiving the Chargé d 'affairs of Iran, and the head of the Irani delegation (Hassan Zarnegar) at King Abdullah Air Base in Jeddah on April 30, 2023, after he arrived to receive Irani citizens who were evacuated from Sudan after the security situation became tense. In other words, the Diplomatic in the video is not the Irani Ambassador in Riyadh as claimed.

Also, the following paragraph was added:

And we investigated the attached claim about the royal decision to punish by imprisonment everyone who insults an Irani or Shiite, we didn't find any source to prove it, and the royal court did not issue such a decision.

Edit time: 05:49 PM, Edit date 18/05/2023.


On May 16, 2023, we posted the following news "The tweet is fake, and the official account of US ambassador did not post such a tweet recently", as we didn't find this tweet on Twitter. Then we found that the tweet was posted then deleted by the ambassador, So we've deleted our article in May 16, 2023, and apologized from our followers.


On May 11, 2023, we updated an article by removing the word (mechanics engineering) and replacing it with (Aircraft mechanics).

Edit time: 11:49 AM, Edit date 11/05/2023.


On May 7, 2023, we updated an article by correcting the month name from (July to April) in the following sentence: Also, Kambash denied the circulated claim in a post on Facebook on July 14, 2023" to "Also, Kambash denied the circulated claim in a post on Facebook on April 14, 2023"

Edit time: 06:36 PM, Edit date: 05/07/2023.


On April 25, 2023, we updated an article by adding the following paragraph, "We also contacted the official page of the Anbar Governorate Police Command on Facebook, and they confirmed that the news was false." Where the fact-check was published based on other sources and facts, and upon receiving the response of the concerned party days after publishing the investigation, the source mentioned above was added.

Edit time: 06:00 PM, Edit date: 04/25/2023.


On Feb. 9, 2023, we updated an article by changing the following phrase:

"The two pictures are old, the first one was already posted in 2015, while the second photo was shared in 2019 as it belongs to the earthquake in Albania, so they don't belong to today's earthquake in Turkey as claimed" To "The two pictures are old, they've been already posted in 2018 during a photo session for dog training during disasters in the Republic of Czech 2018, not in Türkiye as claimed"

Edit time: 02:41 PM, edit date 02/09/2023


On December 13, 2022, we published the following article: “Fake news regarding broadcasting the final matches on beIN SPORTS from the World Cup for free.”  The match that occurred on the same day between Croatia and Argentina was broadcast free on the channel, so we edited the post and the article from fake news to true news.

Edit time: 11:53 PM, edit date: 12-13-2022


On December 5, 2022, we published the news, "Ronaldo signs a contract with Al-Nassr club, Saudi Arabia, with a contract amounting to 200 million dollars annually." We relied on publishing the news on the Spanish newspaper Al-Marca, which published the alleged news, after which it became clear that the news was inaccurate. The news was also denied by the journalist close to Ronaldo (Fabrizio Romano). so we deleted the post and deleted the article on December 7, 2022, and apologized to the followers.

On November 22, 2022, at 5:25 p.m, we updated an article by adding the following phrase: (Argentina will face Mexico on November 22 at Al-Bayt Stadium) to (Argentina will face Mexico on November 22 at Lusail Stadium)

On November 5, 2022, at 1:08 AM, we updated an article that was fake at the time of circulation and by following up on the latest update from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers by adding: "The assignment of the former personal secretary, Lieutenant-General Mohammed Hamid Al-Bayati, was terminated, and he was returned to the Ministry of Defense. Lieutenant-general Abdul-Karim Abdul-Hassan Wajar was assigned as personal secretary to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, according to the Diwani order published by the Iraqi News Agency on November 3, 2022."

On Oct. 20, 2022 at 05:32 PM, we've updated an article by adding the following phrase: (The phrase in the description of Imam Ali Al-Salam has been changed from the previous phrase to "Imam Ali Shrine", because the description was changed after we posted the article and the post.


On August 19, 2022, we edited the article and amended the date of the following sentence (the Leader's Secretary announced that the scheduled date for it was Saturday, August 18, 2022) to (the Leader's Secretary announced that the scheduled date for it was Saturday, August 20, 2022) 


The article has been modified: at 12:16 PM on 7/23/2022, after the bombing operation that occurred approximately two hours after our article was published, so that the news became (true) instead of (incorrect).


On July 2, 2022, we edited an article, as it was modified by replacing the word (magazine) with (database citations) to be more comprehensive and not misunderstood.

Edit time: 10:44 am, edit date: July 2, 2022.


We've edit an article on 30 June 2022, by removing the word (exclusively) from the phrase "on the iFilm channel website last May". Edit time: 02:56 PM, edit date: 30 June 2022


We've updated an article on 22 June 2022, to clarify what Al-Arabiya TV channel did, by adding the following phrase "It's worthy to mention that Al-Arabiya TV channel updated their article in June 19, 2022, two days after they shared the news, and they've removed the part that says they had depend on an article from (Yahoo News), and they've added (last year) on the assassination details, and we've added an archived link of Al-Arabiya article before their modifications, and also we've added two screenshots before and after modification.

Edit time: 04:10 PM, edit date: 22 June 2022


We've edit an article on 16 June 2022, by removing the following phrase out of the article "After they have executed inside a military base known as (Speicher) in Salah Al-Dein, because the source that we quoted this phrase from has wrote it in incomprehensible way. Edit time: 05:31 PM, edit date: 16 June 2022


We've Edited an article on March 29, 2022; The original article contained a denial of a statement by the former electricity minister, Luay Al-Khateeb, he said "The Chinese president told me that there might be a state with 40-50 million people (more than Iraq) and there is no electricity in it". So we seeked all of the internet for such a statement, and we didn't find any. Also the former electricity minister, Luay Al-Khateeb denied this statement by a comment on a Facebook page shared the news above. Then after, the page we've denied shared the video that contains the statement of Luay Al-Khateeb, so we've edited the post and the article. Edit time: 11:00 PM, edit date: March 29, 2022.


On 24 March 2022, we made a big mistake in one of the posts; we've denied a statement of the past Kuwaiti goalkeeper (Abdul Ridha Abbas) saying "We are dwarfs in front of Iraq", then after, we found that the statement is true and it appeared in a TV show, so we've posted an apology.


We've Edited an article on March 12, 2022 by changing the word (soldiers) with (students). Edit time: 02:42 PM, edit date: March 12, 2022.


We've Edited an article on March 3, 2022 because the news was updated. We have added the phrase (And after a while, the picture has been removed after a while by security force) to the first paragraph. Edit time: 02:15 PM, edit date: March 3, 2022.


We edited the article on Jan 9, 2022; The article was modified by adding the following sentence (Noting that clarifying the truth of this video and other old photos that we investigated out after it was recently posted does not negate the news of the deployment of Saraya al-Salam yesterday, as many news agencies published the news of Saraya al-Salam forces deployment in some areas of the capital, Baghdad, last night.) Edit time: 02:13 PM, edit date: Jan 9, 2022


We edited the article on September 24, 2021, the article was modified by deleting the sentence (The circulation of this news comes after Najha Al-Shammari's attendant at the conference held by the State of Law Coalition several days ago) due to the lack of a source confirming what we mentioned. Edit time: 20:23, edit date 9-25-2021


An update has been added to the information that was mentioned in the article after the Iraqi government decided to change what it previously decided (as it decided on September 9, 2021, to increase the number of travel visas granted to religious visitors for the forty visit (Arbaeen Visit) from Islamic countries from 40 thousand visitors to 80 thousand visitors. Edit time: 03:01, edit date: 10/9/2021


We edited a post on 27-07-2021, referring to the title of Khamis Al-Khanjar, where the post was modified from (MP Khamis Al-Khanjar) to (President of Azm Alliance Khamis Al-Khanjar) with a note written in the article:

We edited an article from April 1, 2020, where the timing of the suicide was dated in our investigation in 2017, and it was edited to the correct date in 2015. Edit time is 2:56, edit date: 4-2-2021


We edited an article from March 25, 2020, where we mentioned that the Hammer-headed bat was caught in Lebanon, but we corrected the fact that the Hammer-headed bat lives in Africa. Edit time: 4:39, edit date: 3/27/2020


We edited an article from March 24, 2020, in which the statement of the death case recorded in Nineveh due to COVID-19 was modified by the Ministry of Health and Environment to a death case in Basrah instead of Nineveh, so the statement we transmitted was modified according to the update of the Ministry of Health and Environment. Edit time 5:17 PM, edit date: 2020-03-24


On 8 December 2019, because there was a small mistake in the post, it has been modified with the publication of the updated term:


Note: edits have been made in the post, the edits were changing (Riyadh Airport) to (Medina Airport) and also correcting the year from (1397) to (1370 AH / 1950 AD) and adding more details to the post (“Passports control employees in Medina finishing passengers procedures in 1950 AD). Edit time: 18:59, edit date: 28-08-2021


On 25 December 2018, there was a big mistake in one of the posts and an apology message was posted:


On 12 July 2018, we made a big mistake in one of the posts and an apology message was posted:


On 29 November 2017, we did not fully understand the post we fact-checked. We removed the fact-check post and we publiced an apology message: